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OUSA Turbo Soccer - Practice

Tonight is the first practice for the 2016 Turbo teams. Turbo 8 & Under practice at 6pm. Turbo 9-12 practice at 7pm. Practices are being held at the Shaver Complex in Senca, SC. Please click the link in the left sidebar of this page for directions if you need it. See ya there and dress warm!

What is Turbo Soccer Plus?

Turbo Soccer is a special hybrid academy soccer program designed to be the first step for a young player to transition into club soccer. The program is 12-18 structured practice sessions that follow a curriculum designed by Coach Martin Brain, and follow standard training sessions approved by US Youth Soccer, US Club Soccer and SC Youth Soccer Association

When and how often do we practice in Turbo Soccer?

Turbo Soccer is designed to give the player most of the advantages of Club level practice without some of the expense of games, tournaments, and other fees. The Turbo practice schedule will run from September- November and the players will have 1-2 sessions per week. The sessions will be scheduled during times to offer the least amount of conflict with the City Recreation Soccer Programs as possible, generally on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Are we suppose to play City Soccer too?

Yes, the turbo program is designed to fix one of the major issues with recreation soccer, the lack of practice times once the games start! Our program will work on general soccer skills and help advance your players skills, through a systematic approach to the game. We will work on passing, dribbling, game theory and give players the knowledge to advance his or her game. We will work to help your player get better and to get ready for the next level, even after the City games start.

Who is Coach Martin Brain?

Martin, was an Academy coach for OUSA, a former mid-fielder at Anderson University, and a current staff coach of the MLS Colorado Rapids. Coach Brain has already worked on programs with the Rapids, and has allowed us to use his soccer knowledge and develop a similar program for OUSA Turbo players.

How much does Turbo cost?

Our early registration starts in November 1st and runs through December 25. The cost will be $110.00, after that the registration will be $130.00 (includes professional coaching sessions, uniforms and games). Practice will start around the middle of January and run through April.

How do the fees compare to other programs?

Turbo+ is one of the best values in the soccer world. Other clubs in the area are more than $1000.00 a year for similar training and level of play. Even Oconee United's traditional Academy program is around $725.00.

How does the training in Turbo+ compare to traditional Academy?

We would love to tell you that Turbo and Academy training are the same, but that would not be true. Academy players and parents are expected to train 2-3 nights a week with his or her coach, and Academy teams play in 20-30 games a year over a Fall and Spring season. These teams also play in roughly 4 tournament weekends a year from Gatlinburg, Charleston, Rock Hill, Myrtle Beach to Atlanta. We are not trying to scare anyone, playing Academy and Select soccer is loads of fun for the players and the parents! Everyone makes new friends or renews old friendships and the players create lifelong bonds with kids from all around the area. If you want a taste of club soccer, want to help you player become a better soccer player, then Turbo+ is a great place to start!